A piece for string quartet and electronics. This is a live recording from a performance at Østre in Bergen by the Rosella string quartet. This piece was originally written for quartet and 8 speaker surround, and a surround recording was made at the concert. This is a stereo rendering of that recording.

First performance of the piece, live in Korskirken in Bergen 17.04.2015

Conductor: Ricardo Odriozola
Ensemble: Eurasia Chamber Orchestra

Movement 1:  …lightheartedly at dawn

Movement 2: …furiously at midday

Movement 3: …and gracefull into the night

Recorded live at Holbergdagene, Bergen on November 27, 2013 (first performance) by Turid Bakke Braut.

0:00 Vinden, våren (The wind, the spring)
2:52 Porselensdanseren (The porcelain dancer)
4:48 Sjøen, bølgene (The sea, the waves)

Recorded live. Written during my first year as a student and it’s the first piece that was publicly performed.

Basson Sonata, performed by Per Hannevold on February 14, 2011 at the University of Minnesota.

You can buy the sheet music here.